It’s the longest day of the year…and finally summer! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic first weekend of summer!

My boyfriend and I had quite the jam packed Saturday and Sunday! We finished a kitchen reno, celebrated my boyfriend’s sister’s 29th birthday, celebrated my friend Katie’s 31st birthday, celebrated my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary (holy moly!) AND Father’s Day! What a weekend! We just walked in the door and are settling in to watch our recorded Canada vs. Switzerland World Cup soccer game.

Here’s a few pictures from the weekend (as you’ll begin to see from my posts, I love taking pictures, especially of my nephew):

Driving back into the city after our coed league softball game (which we won!)

My nephew, Grayson getting ready to drive us somewhere 😉 he refused to get in his car seat to leave his grandparents house

Chalk fun with the little guy. We were tracing his little feet and hands 🙂

 Grayson and my mom, his grandma (he calls his other one nana). My mom is so good with him.

 Grayson admiring the new quilt my mom is making him. My mom has recently gotten back into sewing, and her quilts and pillows are gorgeous. She designs and sews them all herself – so talented. The little guy won’t go to sleep without the baby quilt she made him.


My parents on their 40th wedding anniversary today. This is so impressive, especially when raising three crazy kids! We got a kick out of their wedding album from 1975 – some hilarious outfits and hairstyles going on back then! Congrats you two, and thank you for the secret to lasting marriage – we asked, and they both answered with “tolerance” simultaneously. Ha, I would guess my mom has more of that quality 😉 and in my relationship, Bart does! Love you mom and dad!

  Grayson checking out the new saw my mom bought my dad for Father’s Day

  My boyfriend, Bart with my nephew – B with his morning coffee #3 (tiring weekend) and G with his milk 🙂

  My nephew bright eyed first thing in the morning

 My younger brother Joel, his wife Jackie, and my nephew Grayson (G, G-dawg, Gray) hanging outside at my parent’s anniversary brunch. Super cute family 🙂 Joel is the best younger brother a sister could ask for – he is very loving and supportive and he cracks me up (he’s also an incredible father to my nephew). love him so much, and need to start telling him this more.

  My friend Katie of 23 years at her “Drop it like it’s yacht” party. She stuffed us with the most amazing food – I think we had three desserts (not good for me on my new life “diet”) including a home made cake from her mom. Unfortunately, neither my boyfriend nor I won any awards for the best dressed nautical or Martha’s Vineyard type theme, but the ones who did wer decked out in quite the impressive clothe! Katie was the first girl I met when we moved to Oakville – we were unseperable growing up, and went to one too many backstreet boys concerts together (fighting over Nick Carter). She has the best sense of humour and such a positive outlook on life. Love her!

My boyfriend’s sister on her 29th birthday enjoying her happy birthday serenade. Katie is the kindest, sweetest, most loving girl you will ever meet. I love spending time with her and am so grateful to have her in my life.

  Blowing out her candles! Bart and Katie’s mom made this chocolate cake with buttercream icing from scratch and it tasted amazing! She made one for both Bart and I as well for our birthdays in March and April

 Katie and I and our three year old flatcoat retriever, Sully. Sully is wiped from the weekend as well! Good thing for his parents 🙂

Hope you enjoyed some pics from our weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some of my pain management experiences from the last few years. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and experiences!


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