Epidurals – a love hate relationship! 

About six months ago, my pain management doctor sent me to her colleague at another pain clinic who could do other treatments that unfortunately, she could not for me.

He started with a handful of cervical (neck) epidurals, which I thought didn’t help at the time because I was so focused on my severe thoracic (mid-back pain), but over the last few days I think I’ve come to realize they did in fact help, and they have now worn off.

So, luckily he does last minute appointments – I called today and I see him Thursday first thing in the morning, phew! Epidurals are very painful to have done, but the pain relief after the fact can’t be disputed. Praying it helps again!

Because I’m in a fair bit of pain, and spending the day prepping for my interview (and hopefully taking a walk to relieve a bit of the pain), I’ll be taking it easy, and won’t be writing my usual type of post until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hope you all get through your Monday with lots of coffee 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Xoxo Lex


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