This Pan AM games traffic is insane!

 Hi all, happy Friday to those of you in the U.S. celebrating the July 4th over the weekend! To the rest of you, hang in there, it’s almost the weekend!

This morning I had an 8AM cervical epidural appointment in downsview, which is normally a 20 minute drive from home, but today because of the Pan Am traffic / closed lane, it took me close to an hour, and I left home at 645!!!

At this pain clinic, my doctor is ALWAYS on time, so I was in the office at 8 on the dot. They took my blood pressure and pulse, asked how I was doing, I mentioned my neck pain and he then asked if I wanted an epidural for it. Honestly, who WANTS a needle shoved deep into their spinal column? Any takers?! Sadly, those of us in this much pain will welcome this type of procedure.

So they taped my shirt up, clipped my hair out of the way (the nurse made a comment about being jealous of my straight hair, which made me laugh pretty hard because my hair is super curly and I have always been so jealous of straight hair!
I would take Jackie, Natasha or Katie’s hair over mine any day!!!), my doctor made a couple comments about middle aged men just wanting hair PERIOD lol, then we began the procedure. I sit down in a chair, bend my head forward as far down as my chin will go to my chest, and the doctor says “just a little poke” which is not true haha – the lidocaine goes in to numb the area a bit, and then he sticks a bigger needle in (and pushes it in deep) to insert the steroid medication into my spinal column. The procedure is over pretty quickly, the nurse puts a bandage over the area, I ask him a couple of questions, and I’m out of there. I have to see him in two weeks for another epidural (three in total each time). I may try the facet blocks again after this to see if they help my severe mid back pain at all (they didn’t last time, but apparently if you get them done a few times you see relief). One step at a time right?
 I left the office about 10 minutes after walking in, and felt a tiny bit light headed (even though they took my blood pressure after and it was fine), so I sat in the car for a bit before I began my drive. When I was okay to drive, I got onto the highway to head to Oakville for another doctor’s appointment (with my GP), which took me about 45 minutes with the traffic, and just as I was getting into Oakville the office called to say my doctor had to cancel all appointments today at the last minute, argh!!!
 It’s very hard to get in to see her for some reason, and I’ve been trying to get an appointment for my antidepressant medication renewal for three weeks, so I wasn’t impressed. I asked if I could see another doctor (nope, they’re all booked), or the nurse practitioner, which was also a no because they can’t prescribe that type of medication (what can they do then?!), so I made an appointment for next week, but I also said I would get the request faxed from the pharmacy instead.

So I headed to the pharmacy, and what do you know, I have three more months of the medication and didn’t even need the appointment in the first place – my memory is so horrible!!!

I spent the morning visiting with my parents instead, which worked out well 🙂 my dad and I had a nice quick chat about fibro and an article he sent me yesterday (yay dad!!), my mom and I walked over to a spot for brunch and had a nice and long chat (she’s such an amazing mom and I’m so lucky to have her), then ran a couple errands, and I came home to a phone call from the recruiter (playing phone tag for three days).

I had to head out after that, so I began my drive back home into the city, which was fine at first, but then the real traffic hit because of the one highway lane closed due to the Pan Am games – BUMPER TO BUMPER traffic at 1PM, unheard of and so very frustrating. It took me over an hour to do a 30 minute drive home, and my back pain while sitting in the car was excruciating.

I got home, and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing before my younger brother and his friend got here to help finish our kitchen renovation – thank you!!! (my younger brother runs SMPL Design Studio, an architecture business – check out his website, he is AMAZING at what he does, I highly recommend him as your home designer if you’re looking for one in Ontario!)

My back and neck are bothering me from the epidural this morning, so I have to watch how I move my head, and can’t do too much for the next 24 hours until it heals. I have every intention of taking it easy, and then I go bend over to sweep the floors and moved my neck a way I should not have, so needless to say, I am now back on the couch being a good patient 🙂
Tomorrow I’m going to chat a bit about Natural doctors in the United States, and some new research (well not so new to me, but new to others) around fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have read a few really good books on the subjects, and made an appointment with a US doctor recently. I will fill you in on more details tomorrow, and until then, I’ll be resting and healing this injection site in my neck!

Thanks for stopping by!!

xoxo Lex


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