My big brother is home from Japan!

Today is D-Day in the Tanner family household – we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of my older brother Chris, and his Japanese girlfriend, Nami. We haven’t met Nami yet since they started dating in November 2014 – we’re all very excited to meet her and welcome her into our family 🙂

My dad and I have been watching the flight tracker all day and of course it hasn’t really moved from his initial arrival time. This is what happens when most of the family hasn’t seen him in two years – he has become a celebrity!

Chris and I at our cousin Tegan’s wedding about five years ago – such a fun night together! I caught the bouquet and he caught the garter – as you can see, neither one of us is engaged or married at the moment lol.

Chris and I at our younger brother, Joel’s wedding a couple of years ago – yet another fun wedding! Alcohol may play a factor in these weddings 😉 The photo booth is ALWAYS a good time!

They are flying in to Pearson (Toronto) International Airport on an Air Canada flight, and right now some Air Canada employees are trying to strike, but LUCKILY it doesn’t affect their flight since it is due to fuel issues and not baggage handlers or flight attendants, so they should be on time this afternoon. Both of my brothers lived out west in Nelson, British Columbia for a few years (Joel 5-6 and Chris 3 I believe), so I’m used to at least one of them not living in the province, and meeting them at the airport for a visit. If only we could all be back in the same province (or country for that matter) sometime soon! That’s my wish, but I want them to be happy, so if Chris is happy living overseas, then I am happy for him!

When I visited Chris in Japan last March, we spent a day at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, and had this caricature painted of the two of us – too funny!

Chris and I on the subway together in Japan last March 2014

This morning, my boyfriend went out to Milton to meet a friend for brunch, and he took the pup with him, so I woke up to a super quiet apartment, which is unheard of! You’d think it would be nice, but I missed having the dog to pet and cuddle with and my boyfriend to chat with. I got myself organized and out the door in a couple of hours – I plan on spending most of my time over the next three weeks in Oakville with my family to soak up as much time with my brother as I can before they leave for their adventure in Singapore (he is a high school math and science teacher, and got a new position over there which starts in August). I’ll be coming back to Toronto for my weekly volleyball and softball games, and I think my boyfriend will be meeting us in Oakville or other places for activities on the weekends.

I got to Oakville around noon, and my mom had decorated the house with balloons and a welcome home sign – super cute! She and I walked to the amazing Italian bakery down the street from their house, and we got some tasty desserts for tonight! And now the countdown has begun for leaving for the airport – I feel like time is going to stop over the next few hours – so anxious! Most people don’t know this about me, but I LOVE going to the airport, whether it’s picking up a friend or family member, or leaving for an adventure, gives me a happy high!

So many balloons!
Monastery Bakery makes the BEST EVERYTHING! But these desserts are going to taste AMAZING (not Paleo approved by the way!)

 I think my pain must have gotten the best of me last night – it was a rough one. The epidural I had done on Thursday must be affecting my other pain, because it’s been pretty bad, and there hasn’t been much I have been able to do to relieve it. I also think I may have pushed myself too hard yesterday, which resulted in the flare of pain. It’s a learning curve listening to your body, and knowing when you have gone too far, or are about to.


Yesterday, I knew I was in pain, and my boyfriend wanted me to do an errand with him, and I knew I should have just stayed home, but I wanted to come with him – well, that resulted in a horrible ending. I really need to start listening to my body, and actually responding to it so I stop pushing myself beyond the point of return. I was in so much pain I was in tears, and unfortunately I couldn’t take any of my pain meds or I wouldn’t have slept at all, which would just make matters 10x worse the next day.

I had a bit of a meltdown, and was feeling very guilty that my boyfriend has to deal with this. It’s bad enough that I have to live with this every day, but having this affect loved ones can be very difficult to handle. I am a very type A, go getter type of person, and a people pleaser, so I hate that I have to lean on my boyfriend (and friends and family) more than I wish. Luckily, my boyfriend is nothing but understanding and supportive, and he talked me down from my meltdown. These don’t happen often, but when they do, they’re obviously not fun for anyone.

You know your boyfriend is the one when he can support someone in my type of situation, because it is NOT easy. He loves me DESPITE my illness, and believes my health is a part of me. He says that he loves that I am so strong and brave to be able to fight this every day, and it makes him more attracted to me. Wow, if that’s not a keeper, I’m not sure what one is! He doesn’t know I’m writing about this (as he naps beside me) so hopefully he doesn’t get too embarrassed by it!


Have any other of my fellow chronic illness sufferers ever felt guilty about your illness? Do you have people in your lives who support your unconditionally? 


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some pics from our Tanner family reunion 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying your summery Saturday!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Lex


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