Hell has frozen over, my big brother is engaged!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend – the weather was gorgeous here in Toronto!


As you know, on Saturday, my older brother, Chris, and his girlfriend Namiko (Nami), flew in from Japan for a three week visit, before they’re off to Singapore together! The Tanner family took two cars to the airport to meet them (so we could all be there, AND to fit all of their bags!) Their Air Canada flight was scheduled to land around 4:45PM at Pearson Airport, so my boyfriend, Bart and I went with my parents, and got to the airport around 5PM. My younger brother Joel, his wife Jackie, and my nephew Grayson arrived around 5PM. We all waited (rather impatiently) for close to an hour.

There was a dinosaur skeleton in the international terminal, so that entertained Grayson the entire time – he dragged each one of us one at a time by hand, and demanded to be picked up to see the dinosaur closer!

Luckily for the adults there was a Starbucks right behind us, so I grabbed a double espresso to keep me alert around the two year old 🙂 My back was pretty sore that day – I had already taken double the amount of pain meds that I normally do a few hours before we went to the airport, and unfortunately it didn’t help at all (which is unusual for me). I kept picking up Grayson even though my mom and Bart kept telling me not to because of my back pain (stubborn is my middle name).

G and I killed some time doing selfie’s together, and he found a functionality on my iPhone that I didn’t even know had existed (taking multiple pictures at once). Joel and Bart chatted together, and so did my mom and Jackie, and my dad was over in another corner by himself (typical popsy lol).

Grayson and I waited closely near the doors, until FINALLY I spotted Chris, ran over, gave him a big hug, then saw Nami walk behind him. The FIRST THING I noticed when I said hi and gave her a hug was that she was wearing a GORGEOUS diamond ring on her left hand – so I blurted out “are you engaged?!” She just looked at Chris with a surprised look on her face, and he chuckled a bit and said “yep”, then I looked over at Bart and Joel behind me and said “Joel, Chris is engaged!”

Chris and I had been talking about him proposing to Nami for the last few months, and looking at rings together, so I had said to Bart I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up engaged, or even married! I wasn’t too surprised, just super excited for them! Nami and Chris met the same week that Bart and I did (in late 2014), and Chris and I have had a couple of FaceTime conversations months ago with us both saying “wow, I didn’t realize this was what REAL love and finding a soulmate actually felt like”, so needless to say, we both understood each other’s relationships. We joked about “racing each other to the alter” and he is definitely winning that one!

So we all said our hi’s (and congrats), gave them hugs, and blocked the exit for everyone else trying to see their relatives (leave that to the Tanner’s lol). This was the first time Chris was meeting our nephew in person (he’s now 20 months old) and they were super cute together. Grayson immediately reached out so that Chris could hold him, and Chris had no idea how to hold a child – that was even cuter. They bonded for a bit, and then we headed to the cars and back to Oakville for dinner and a visit.

 It was quite the jam packed household with nine of us, with conversations going in every direction at the dinner table. We all got to know Nami and flew 20 questions her way and she took them like a champ! She is just as sweet, if not more so in person than she was on FaceTime. We’re all very happy for the two of them. Hopefully she isn’t too overwhelmed with the Tanner family! They brought us all some amazing gifts – a Japanese teapot and tea and a fan for me, and a knife for Bart. Can’t wait to use them all!

Sunday morning Chris and I made crepes for everyone (our specialty) – it took about 1.5 hours! Nami cut up the fruit, and Jackie made the whipping cream (looks like my Paleo diet is out the window until Chris leaves for Singapore!) We had a few heated conversations at brunch, which is not out of the norm, it wouldn’t be a Tanner meal without them!

After brunch we all went for a walk through the trails, then came back and relaxed in the backyard for the afternoon.


Bart and I had our softball game in Toronto at night (we kicked the other team’s butt, scoring 11 runs in just ONE inning!), then went over to the pub to watch the Women’s World Cup final game, with USA vs. Japan. Bart and I could NOT believe our eyes when we saw the score of 4-1 for USA at half time – holy moly, what a game! I was expecting it to be 0-0, and go into overtime, then penalty kicks like most soccer games. Needless to say, it was a good game, and USA earned that title.

Today, Chris, Nami and I took the train from Oakville to downtown Toronto to run a few errands. On our way off the train, we were stopped on Front St. and interviewed by CBC news about the Pan Am games, and the traffic issues. Chris had no idea what to say since he was visiting, so I piped in and said my peace (which I normally would never do since I’m quieter and keep to myself). So, some of you MAY see me on CBC news tonight, and if you do, I’m sorry! I sound and look horrendous!

We then stopped and had some lunch at Burrito Boyz, which is Chris and Bart’s favourite fast food mexican spot. At lunch, Chris told me that he had called most of the family and told them about their engagement, so I could now post it on social media, which I promptly did ha! I could be called a social media “whore” by some, and it’s probably just because I LOVE taking pictures, and I love to spread good news. So I took a picture of Nami, my future (amazing) sister in law with her gorgeous ring, and posted it on instagram and Facebook 🙂 A bunch of congratulations from friends and family were promptly ensued!

We got home in the afternoon, did a big Costco run with my mom to load up for the week, and now we’re relaxing with Jackie and G who popped in from Hamilton for dinner tonight so G could visit with his uncle and almost auntie.


Tomorrow the five of us are off to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, which surprisingly, none of us have been to yet, so that should be fun, and the perfect day to go since it’s supposed to rain. I have an interview on Wednesday morning, so I’ll be spending a bit of time prepping for that the next couple of days as well. I will post again as soon as I can!

Thanks for stopping in!

xoxo Lex


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