“Finding Nemo” at Ripley’s Aquarium

Happy Tuesday all 🙂

I woke up this morning to find out from my dad’s friend that I was in fact aired on the CBC news this morning. I was interviewed yesterday about the Pan Am games here in The Greater Toronto Area, and what the traffic has been like due to the province closing one lane on all highways. We have been trying to find this recording online and on TV today, but haven’t had any luck! Did anyone else see it? CBC only aired about five words from me, but I’ll take that 10 seconds of fame!

I enjoyed a fruit bowl for breakfast (no it didn’t fill me up, but I was being rushed out the door!) then we darted to the Oakville GO train station to grab the 9:26 train to the Aquarium downtown.   We just barely made the train – phew! The joys of suburbia – in Toronto (or other cities for that matter), if you miss a train you wait 1-10 minutes, not 30!  

 We got downtown, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks (I should own their stock), then walked over to Ripley’s. 
 Chris, Nami, my mom, dad and I spent a couple hours walking through the Aquarium, then headed to Front St. to grab a bite to eat for lunch. By the time we stopped for lunch, my fatigue and pain were getting pretty bad, and lately I refuse to take my pain meds unless I’m in complete agony, so I was ready to go home and rest on the couch! 



We got home in the afternoon, I got caught up on the “Bachelorette” from last night (it wasn’t that great, surprise surprise) and then did a bit of interview prep for tomorrow morning.

It should be a relaxing night in with the fam tonight. No plans for tomorrow – I have to head downtown for my lovely Trigger Point Injections, and unfortunately, Nami chipped a tooth last night so she has a last minute appointment at my mom’s dentist tomorrow to fix it. Poor girl!

Chat with you tomorrow!!

Xoxo Lex


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