Soaked on the “Horn Blower” 

Hi everyone!

My family and I had a nice outing in Niagara Falls today! We walked along the boardwalk next to the falls, took in the amazing view, and got soaked in the meantime! Everyone loved it, especially my nephew who kept saying “more please” in sign language!

Although we’ve lived in Ontario for years and have been to the falls several times, we have not once taken the boat under the falls. It used to be called the “Maid of the Mist” but that is now on the U.S. side and ours is called the “Horn Blower”. We all out on our ponchos and headed off onto the boat to enjoy the view and get drenched. Chris, Nami and I stood on the second level and were just covered! My mom, dad, Joel, Jackie and Grayson stayed below but still got a bit wet. It was an amazing experience, and I kept hearing “ohhhh and ahhhh” from my future sister in law! It was awesome!

After that, we walked over to grab a Beavertail, which for those of you who are not aware, is deep fried dough shaped like the tail of a beaver, and the first kind was dipped in cinnamon and sugar. They now come in several other flavours but I stick to the basic. Nami has her first Beavertail and she loved it! They are Chris’ and my favourite, to the point where we wanted to open a franchise / booth in Niagara since we thought it would be a popular spot, but when we looked into it it was already taken! Plus, opening a Beavertail franchise costs a LOT of money now, which we clearly don’t have. And in all honesty, despite my paleo diet, I would probably eat our profits!!

We headed to an Italian spot (Napoli) for dinner, and it was great. They make all of their pasta in house (which a few spots in TO do as well) and you can’t beat that. Unfortunately, pasta does a number on my stomach, so I’m in a fair bit of pain now.

Chris and Nami went over to Joel’s to spend some time with them, and my parents and I are now home in Oakville relaxing.

Tomorrow will be a lazy morning, and then Bart, Katie and I are headed to Guelph for their cousin’s wedding. Can’t wait!

This morning my pain was pretty bad so I had my mom roll some of my cream on my back, neck and shoulders, and I also ended up having to take extra pain medication to get through the day. Nami has shoulder issues from her athletic days, and it has really been hurting her the last couple of days, so I had her try the ice pack I bought from the pain clinic, and also the cream, which she said both helped. So I’ll grab her both next week when I’m at the pain clinic so she can take them back with her to Singapore. If anyone can sympathize about pain, it’s someone like me, so I like to do whatever I can to help, especially for a family member. I think she was really grateful for that.

And some good news – I have a 3rd (and hopefully final) interview next Tuesday for this HR Generalist role 🙂 I hope I get the job because it sounds like an awesome challenge and right up my alley! They also sound like they would be very flexible and accommodating for my illness. I will keep you posted!

Enjoy the pics from today 🙂 Nami has quite a few good ones that I’ll steal from her this weekend to share.

Sully crammed himself under the kitchen island this morning while my mom, aunt, brother and I chatted over coffee




Jackie went up to ask these Pan Am athletes what sport they played – baseball 🙂 She was trying to read their badges for close to a minute before she finally asked them lol




Happy early Friday all! I’ll be sure to take a few pics at the wedding tomorrow 🙂

Xoxo Lex


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