The Tanner’s at Toronto Island 

I forgot to post our family pictures from our visit to Toronto Island last Saturday. Unfortunately, my dad decided to stay home and take care of the pup because the sun bothers him. The island is mine and Chris’ fav spot in Toronto. When he’s home in the summer we try to go at least once and spend 5-6 hours walking around enjoying the scenery and fresh air, and stop at a restaurant facing the water for lunch. We didn’t walk nearly as much this time around, but we still had a good time! Here are a few pics taken from that day 🙂





This week we had a nice visit from my aunt and uncle from Kingston, and my cousin and her son from Ottawa. Then when they left, the next day another aunt and uncle from Ottawa came for the night, and an aunt and uncle from Toronto came for dinner.

It’s been a busy week! We just got home from spending the day in Niagara Falls – I’ll post some pics from that next 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying this amazing weather! I am getting quite the nice tan, AND my hair is turning blonde, which my boyfriend has finally admitted haha (I like to think my hair is still blonde from childhood, but it’s clearly light brown or dirty blonde lol).

Xoxo Lex


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