A, B, AB, O blood types 

So, 31 years later and I finally know my blood type! Do not ask me why this is so exciting for me! My mom has always known my older brother’s blood type because they check it automatically in Ontario, but in Quebec where I was born they didn’t. I have had my blood taken A LOT over the years pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis, yet not once would the doctor tell me my type! Two months ago I went to a clinic where they check it for free, but the address was wrong so that was a fail as I wandered around the city in circles. I finally decided to order a blood test kit from the U.S., which took six weeks to arrive!!!

I knew I would be either A or O positive or negative since my mom is A+ and dad is A-. I had a much higher chance of being A+ based on an online calculator (am I a nerd or what?!) 

Bart and I made a bet about it lol – I figured I would take my chances and guess that I was going to be O (but didn’t decide on – or +). My older brother is A+ and I’m not sure what my younger is, but he does give blood whenever he can just like Bart does. 

I did the test today and it turns out I’m A negative, so I lost that bet! A- is a very rare blood type (only 6% of the population). This is the test showing what the results would look like per blood type category. As you can see, my blood reacted to the A antibodies. It was a super cool test to do at home. 


Now that I know that my blood type is pretty rare, I really wish I could give blood. My grandpa was O- and would wear a pager so that they could contact him during an emergency (crazy!). Unfortunately due to the types of medication I’m on I can’t give blood. I’m hoping eventually I’ll be able to though. 

My dad is very squirmy with these types of things as well, so when I go I’ll drag him with me 🙂 I don’t blame him – I have VERRRRRRRY small veins, and every doctor and nurse have had major issues pricking me with needles. The only ones who had no issues were EMS guys who came when we had to call 911 for me at Xmas (another post altogether). 

What blood type are you? Do you believe in following a “blood type diet”? Do you think our blood type affects our health in certain ways? Do you think being RH negative (or positive) may contribute to certain diseases? 

Let me know your thoughts! This is an interesting topic and different cultures have different views on it (and I’m sure doctors as well!) 

Xoxo Lex


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