Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly 

Tomorrow we are headed to the gorgeous island of Cape Cod, Massachussets. We went there a few times as kids, and my mom did when she was a kid as well. We’ll be staying in Chatham, not far from the beach. Chris and Nami were initially supposed to come, but due to his new job in Singapore, unfortunately they have to leave on July 26. My mom, dad, Bart, Joel, Jackie, Grayson and I are all going and staying in a big cottage. 

It takes about 9 hours driving time from Oakville, plus tolls, the border and the bridge to get over onto the Cape. We will be driving for about 6.5 hours tomorrow, then stopping in West Springfield where we have hotel rooms booked for the night. I have already scoped out a mall down the street (haha) but unfortunately can’t find any Starbucks nearby (I’ll survive!) 

My parents are taking their SUV and Joel is taking his truck. We’ll be shifting between cars to help Joel drive and make sure that Grayson is happy and entertained. He is quite the energetic child and doesn’t enjoy sitting for very long, so it will be interesting to see how often we’ll need to stop. As long as there’s coffee at the spot were stopping at I am a happy camper lol. 

I have almost packed my suitcase, and just have to pack my “entertainment backpack” for the car, which will have snacks (Paleo), magazines, my kindle, a couple medical books, and my iPad. We should be set 🙂 

Tomorrow will be both a sad and happy day. We will be saying goodbye to Chris and Nami 😦 and then heading out on a vacation. It’s unfortunate that they can’t come, and we’ll all really miss them on our vaca, as well as in general. It will be nice if they end up moving back to Canada at some point in the next few years. 

I’m really hoping and praying I hear good news about this job BEFORE or ON our drive tomorrow. It would be nice to have a job offer in hand prior to leaving on vacation! However, life doesn’t always happen that way, especially for me haha. Crossing fingers. 

I am off to finish packing before Joel, Jackie and G get here for a visit and dinner. 

Xoxo Lex 


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