The awesomeness of having an older brother 

Early Friday morning we all said our teary goodbyes to my older brother Chris, and his fiancée, Nami, before leaving for Cape Cod. It was really sad. It has been always so hard saying goodbye to him (going back to him leaving for university when I was 17, to me being away at university, to him moving to Kelowna one summer, then to Nelson for a few years before leaving for Japan two years ago), but this time felt harder than most for some reason. 

I have been lucky to see him twice in two years now – once in March 2015 in Japan, and then this summer for three weeks (every day since I’m not currently working) but it doesn’t feel like enough to me! Bart and I are going to Singapore to visit them in March, but that eight months feels so far away from now. Luckily, he’ll be coming home again next summer for longer (hopefully), and we’ll all be going to Japan in October for their wedding – just need to make it through this long stretch first. 

It makes it even harder to say goodbye because I got to know my future sister and she is so amazing – they are both so well matched, and Chris could not have picked a better woman to marry. She has the most positive attitude, she’s always smiling, she takes Chris’ sarcasm like a champ, she’s smart, and so loving and caring. She makes the most amazing sushi (and other foods) and even folds my laundry if I forget it in the dryer! She treats me like a sister and I love it. I know she is going to take very good care of my brother, and he will with her as well. I guess it feels like I’ve gained a sister, but now lost a brother AND a sister after saying goodbye two days ago. 

Since I was a child, I remember always looking up to Chris and holding him with such high regard – he’s bright, funny, sarcastic, loving, caring, and most of all, he looks after his younger sister and is always there for her. Older brothers have an important job to do, and he has been doing it well for 31 years 🙂 When we’re together, to me it feels like we’re two peas in a pod – we get along very well, and our relationship is relaxed and slightly goofy. 

It’s been an emotional couple of days sitting here missing them, and kudos to Bart for being supportive and understanding. I am so very happy for Chris for following his dreams of teaching overseas and experiencing other cultures – he is a fantastic traveller and an even better teacher to those kids. I am glad he is doing what he loves, and unfortunately that means his presence is missed here in Canada. 

It’s not the same without Chris and Nami here on our family vacation in Cape Cod, and I’m sure everyone else is missing them too. I am making the most of it even though I do notice their absence. We got to Cape Cod today and started off our vacation with a lobster dinner and homemade raspberry pie for dessert 🙂 G loved it! 

 Chris and Nami left for Singapore today – they fly to Tokyo direct from Toronto, then connect to Singapore. I will be tracking their flights 🙂 

I found a couple articles about growing up with an older brother (and brothers in general), and thought I’d share for others in my family situation (these apply to my younger brother too – I’m sure he feels the same way about Chris and their relationship):

12 reasons why your brother is the most Important man in your life

20 amazing things about having an older brother

On a more positive note, here are a few pictures from our last couple days of travel 🙂 



Off to bed so we can wake up at a decent time and spend the day at the beach! 

Xoxo Lex 


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