The right mattress = a godsend for chronic pain

As I type this post I am laying on the couch at the Cape Cod cottage. The house has four bedrooms – one with a king, two with queens and one with two twins. I offered to stay in the smaller room (with a much less comfortable mattress) because I knew my brother may have issues with my nephew sleeping, etc. I knew deep down I needed to sleep on a good mattress, and Bart and my mom did as well, but I didn’t want to inconvenience them. That did not work out in my favour whatsoever. 

I laid down on the bed for max 15 minutes and had to get up because I was and still am in excruciating pain in my neck and back. You know a mattress is bad when the tiny couch alone sounds more appealing. 

Over the last three weeks of staying at my parent’s house, I have been having amazing sleeps, and because of that, my pain has been a lot more manageable. A few years ago I bought myself a $2500 mattress set because I knew I needed really good ones to sleep and not be in pain while sleeping – my bed feels like heaven. Unfortunately there’s no room for my bed at Bart’s, so I’ve been trying to manage on his mattress which is nowhere near as comfortable (I wake up in pretty bad pain every day, although laying on it doesn’t cause me pain like tonight’s situation). 

Hopefully we’ll be able to switch rooms with my brother tomorrow and I’ll get a decent night’s sleep. I already know tomorrow is going to be a write off for me because of this – I am going to be tired, moody, in a lot of pain, my fatigue will be through the roof and I won’t be a happy camper. I pray for those around me – I should probably be alone tomorrow because of that. 

Because I need the right type of mattress to be able to sleep, I always find that travelling can be difficult because you never know what type of bed you’re going to get. 

Does anyone else have issues with mattresses – due to pain or otherwise?

Pray for me – I’ll need whatever I can get tonight! 

Xoxo Lex 


2 thoughts on “The right mattress = a godsend for chronic pain

  1. i have DDD and 2 herniated discs. this is from a long time ago, and mostly i don’t have pain anymore except for some ‘flareups’ once in a while, usually triggered by not sleeping in my memory foam mattress. so, ya, the right bed matters. i can manage in other beds, but i wake up each day with a little more pain, a little more acute, etc until i can get back to my own bed.


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