We’re engaged!

Last night, Bart and I headed over to Oyster Bay pond to watch the sunset after dinner. We had a bit of alone time, chatting, looking at the boats, houses and sunset while sitting on the beach. Bart proposed after the sun went down (before I was covered in bug bites!)

He got down on one knee and I had no idea what he was doing, by the time I figured it out I covered my mouth and ended up on the ground because I was so surprised. He showed me the ring and I was shocked. It was beyond gorgeous! (He and I had designed it together with an amazing jeweller in Toronto – Livia Diamonds – Aret, the owner is awesome, highly recommend him) but it turned out even better than I had expected! I of course said yes, and then asked him to put the ring on my finger (he didn’t know that was his job lol). As we were walking back to the car, a guy on his balcony yelled “congratulations” to us – too funny! We had no idea anyone could even see us!

He knows me well enough to know that a simple engagement with just the two of us was what I had wanted. But I was surprised he brought that diamond across the border lol.

We went back to our cottage where we’re staying with my parents, Joel and Jackie (and my nephew) and told them. I also told my two best friends (Natasha and James) as well as tried to get a hold of my brother and future sister in Singapore (which we finally did this afternoon, and had a great catch up chat over FaceTime with them!!) Bart called his family this morning, and I told the rest of mine today as well.

Bart and I have only been dating for nine months, but after our first couple of dates I think we both kinda knew each other was the one. We get along very well, he is the ying to my yang. He treats me like gold and does his very best to keep me as happy as possible. It’s not easy dating someone with a chronic illness (or several) and he has the patience of a saint with me (which is needed because I can even annoy myself sometimes!) He is very sarcastic, a great cook, a hard worker, enjoys staying active with sports like I do, and loves to travel to new countries and be adventurous. The best part is, to be happy, we don’t need anything but each other. Life is easier when it’s simple 🙂 I love Bart, and can’t wait to call him my husband.

I’ve already had a few people ask me about wedding plans – since my older brother is getting married next year, we may do it in 2017 (we’re in no rush). We also want to keep it very simple, so most likely a destination wedding down south. We shall see – a lot of time to plan! For now well just continue to enjoy one another’s company.

Here are a few pics from last night and of the ring. We will take some good pics of the two of us soon. I think we’re both too wiped right now to do that!

Xoxo Lex


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