Elimination diet and yoga day one

Hey everyone! Unfortunately, my body is in a fair bit of pain after my 90 minute hot yoga class this morning, and all the cooking and cleaning I’ve been doing for the Myers way diet! I will be posting a longer post tomorrow, but thought I’d share a few things from today:

1. The doctor weighed me in at 140 pounds today – YIKES!!!! All of the donuts, desserts and butter dipped seafood killed me from last week! I have NEVER ever been that heavy in my life. So, as Bart said today, it’s all downhill (weight concerned) from here! There is no going up! Lol 

2. My blood pressure was normal, but my pulse was up at 125 resting – very strange. I’ll monitor that over the next few days.

3. I survived the entire 90 minute hot yoga class! This is amazing for me after not practicing for a couple of months. Yay!!

4. I am not a fan of squash – butternut was tasteless last night and spaghetti squash today, yuck!!!

5. I made my first soup broth in the last 24 hours and it looks awesome. I’ll be drinking that daily in the mornings the next few days. 

Last but not least – I am craving sugary and snack like foods. Hope this goes away asap!!!! 

Here are a few pics:

My Myers way day 1 photo op before yoga this morning    

Sweet potato hash for breakfast after yoga and before the doctor 

Kale, cucumber, cherry salad, with chicken (not shown) and a freshly squeezed orange and olive oil for the dressing. Quite tasty!


Snacked on a mango before dinner – I was starving! 
Homemade basil pesto for the spaghetti squash pasta. The pesto tasted amazing, but I am not a fan of that squash at all!!! I’ll find something else to use this pesto for in the future. 


After dinner snack / dessert 
Stare down with the pup 


Trying to get permission to get up on the couch

And now bedtime for me! Goodnight everyone 🙂

Xoxo Lex


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