Elimination diet day two!

Well, all I can say is I barely slept last night because my body was in SO much pain after yoga – a combination of muscle pain from not using those muscles for a while, and also a fibro flare. So needless to say, today was a challenging day!

I made it to my appointment in Oakville at 8AM, napped, ran errands, then went for a walk with my mom (God only knows how I could possibly do that today with the pain and fatigue levels the way they are!), applied for a bunch of jobs, cooked dinner for my parents, then drove home in traffic. 

This will be another short post (so sorry), but tomorrow I should have the time and energy to write a more substantial one, as long as the yoga doesn’t kill me again!!!

Here are a few pics from today:

I managed to make this green juice before I left the house at 645

So tasty!! 
Sweet potato hash made quickly at my parent’s in Oakville before heading to my appointment   

Saw this on someone’s Facebook today and laughed out loud – unfortunately, this is sad but true! 
Out on my errand at bed bath and beyond and started taking pictures of all of the kitchen items I’d love to have once I’m working again lol. Bart’s response? “Sigh”

These sticks could have come in handy when we made s’mores at my brother’s last month!! 
Dressing for the salmon I made for dinner  

Mango salsa for the salmon

Asparagus (duh)

Final meal! It was a huge hit with my mom and my dad liked it too. I’ll be adding this to my list of favourite recipes! 

Ah yes, my long commute to Toronto – we have permanent traffic because of the pan am and para pan am games. So not fun. 

Got some chai tea today on my grocery run. This is allowed on the Myers Way diet 🙂 

Sipping on chai tea with some full fat coconut milk. Quite tasty!  
 In the future I will update you on a weekly basis around how my yoga and Myers diet is going, however, they won’t dominate my posts any longer 🙂 

This post below reminds me of something my future father in law, Jeff said on Saturday – he said he forgets I’m considered disabled because I don’t look sick and I do a great job of covering up the pain and other symptoms. I took this as a compliment, which is what he meant by it. 20 years of practice helps you put a smile on your face despite the symptoms you’re feeling. Hopefully I can continue to “cover it up” as the years go on lol. 

Found this picture from 2 years ago working at my last job – this is how busy my days were, no idea how on earth I survived working 70+ hours a week there. No wonder my illness flared. I will never put my body and mind through that again (even though my type A personality wants to). 

 I will be back tomorrow, *hopefully* with much more to share with all of you. 

PS. I have no idea where this energy has come from to be able to grocery shop, cook and clean. It is not easy! The salmon meal took me 1.5 hours tonight!! Maybe the clean eating is helping my symptoms? Let’s hope!! 

Xoxo Lex 


2 thoughts on “Elimination diet day two!

  1. I’m looking forward to your updates. My doctor recommended the autoimmune diet last year. My dietitian had me try low fodmap, then keto, then low residue/fiber. None of them helped, so I guess I should’ve listened to my doctor. I’m very interested to see how this goes for you. It looks like you’re off to a great start – that dinner looks amazing! Best of luck to you 🙂


    • Thanks for sharing Kara! I’m surprised your doctor even suggested that diet – my doctor just thinks you treat these illnesses with medication and doesn’t believe anything else will help. I found this diet on my own search, and so far, I’m impressed by her book, diet and suggestions. She has so many success stories in her book, and it all makes complete sense. I will be posting weekly updates on how I’m feeling and how the diet is going. Feel free to email me if you want to chat in more detail about this. So far, I highly recommend trying the myers way!!


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