It’s a gorgeous weekend in Toronto!

Hi everyone – happy Sunday! It is a GORGEOUS 30 degree HOT day here in Toronto, and was lovely yesterday too!

Sorry for being MIA the last few days – it’s been a busy weekend, and I also forgot my laptop at my parents’ house, so I may not be able to post again until Wednesday if my iPad doesn’t cooperate with me!

Here are a few pics from Friday, Saturday and Sunday 🙂 Enjoy!

Trying to walk Sully in the city – he gets pretty distracted and isn’t that obedient with me. I’m slowly learning / teaching him who’s boss 😉

On Friday morning my mom and I went to Hamilton to visit with my nephew Grayson. We hung out and played with him while Jackie ran some errands. We went to the park, played in the backyard, had some snacks, read some of his fav books, and danced to some cartoons.

He is now 3 feet tall – how did that happen?!


“Napping” together. I haven’t had much sleep this week waking up early, and Friday I was particularly tired after driving to Oakville then to Hamilton and back.

Look at him! He’s a child, not a baby anymore!

No Milton, you cannot have my muffin! (It dropped on the ground seconds later so auntie got him a new one)

Pro hockey player in the making?

Snack time while leaning on auntie and stealing her peaches

I have no idea what he’s doing with that ball in his mouth!

Joel and Jackie put this up in their room! I made this for Grayson’s first birthday 🙂

Just reading dad’s “Master Builder” book lol – architect in the making perhaps?

Found this photo on my mom’s phone from the night of our engagement in Cape Cod 🙂

A trip to Costco means $150 in meat – took me an hour to sort it all and freeze it!

Saw this on Facebook and has to share it 🙂 this is me to a T, I LOOOOOOVE my music, and always have!!   

Our dinner on Friday night – filet mignon from the St Lawrence market, grilled asparagus and tomatoes, and I stole a couple of B’s potatoes that I’m not allowed on my diet lol. These steaks are the BEST and only 6 for $35 with tax! A staple in our house!

B being goofy with Sully Friday night before heading out to see the movie “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer – hilarious movie! We laughed the entire time! Highly recommend it!!

Selfie from the movies

Stuck on the streetcar after yoga – no streetcar for 32 minutes, then once I got on one there was a protest and we were stalled for 15 more minutes. Should have just driven instead of taking public transit!!

Starbucks date with mumsy after we changed my engine air filter together, ha! I was very impressed with us!!

Relaxing in my parent’s backyard on Saturday – doing research on programs / schooling. I’ll chat about this in more detail once I make some final decisions, but I’m leaning towards becoming a Holistic Nutritionist!

Mumsy relaxing in her chair in the pool – this is the life!!

Lamb chop dinner with mom and dad on Saturday night – soooo tasty!

My diet and exercise routine is working, I can finally fit into these shorts! Mind you they are quite tight, but they fit! Last summer they were very loose on me…15 pounds and many inches to go!

B and I met Joel, Jackie and G for brunch today in Hamilton. This boy is sooooooo adorable!!

Auntie drew G some snakes and turtles since he loooooooves animals   

B “playing” in the sandbox with G

G showing me his best baseball swing. He’s pretty darn good!

Overripe bananas can only mean one thing in this house…

Banana bread!!!

Pretty good looking paleo banana blueberry bread!

B was adamant about watching the jays game, and what does he do? Falls asleep!!!! Good, more tv for me 😉

I’m off to get dinner started – cooking a whole lemon garlic chicken with roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts and potatoes. Should be good!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Xoxo Lex


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