Friday frustrations…with society!

Happy Friday everyone!!! This applies to many of you more than it does me, since I’m not currently working or in school 😉 However, I’m still excited because I’m picking up Bart from the airport this afternoon, then we’re headed North to Sudbury to visit my best guy friend, James, and his girlfriend Sarah. We have been trying to get together the entire summer, and finally found a weekend that works for both of us! Despite the five hour drive through brutal cottage traffic, I am still excited about the weekend!

This morning, I dragged my butt out of bed and went to a 9:30AM 75 minute hot yoga class, and I felt AMAZING afterwards. I have been falling off my diet the last couple days, and really started feeling the effects of it – nauseous, migraine headache, knee pain from restless leg syndrome, brutal fatigue, additional pain in my back and other areas, and the list goes on. I am now BACK ON TRACK! I’m sure I’ll have to stray a bit this weekend since it’s difficult to follow while away visiting friends and family, but I’ll do the best I can 🙂

So, here are a couple of my frustrations lately, just from life in general:

  1. Yesterday, while I was getting my nails done at the salon, the man to the left of me was quite rude to the girl doing his nails – this is not appropriate behaviour. I’m sorry, but just because she may be earning less than you, and working a lower caliber job, does NOT give you the right to treat her that way.
  2. A SECOND guy came in to the salon afterwards, and he would NOT get off of his cell phone – he was talking, and talking and talking, and the girl kept asking him questions, and he was ignoring her. If you’re coming in for a service, finish your frieking phone call FIRST!!! I made a comment about the rude individuals to my “nail girl” and she agreed with me, and then we had a nice chat about her recent move to Canada from Korea. She was a lovely, nice young woman, and should be treated that way!
  3. While walking to grab some groceries downtown yesterday, a homeless man on the sidewalk (which by the way, we see several times a day in Toronto), was asking for money in front of the liquor store, and claimed that the money was to go towards his rehab, which ended with a laugh. He then proceeded to go on about all of the nice choices of liquour that should be purchased from the store. I normally feel sorry for the homeless, and I know there are many different reasons why they could have ended up that way, however, it was evident this guy was an alcoholic and a drug addict. There are services that we provide in Ontario and Canada for the homeless, and if he decides not to use them, that’s his prerogative, but there’s no way I’m giving you money for what was clearly going to be booze.

Excuse my rant – I have been so frustrated lately with the rude people I come across in the city of Toronto. Mind you, there are the select few that are polite, however, they are few and far between. I believe in holding doors for others, saying please and thank you, smiling, striking up a quick conversation with a cashier, and the list goes on. Why are people so miserable and rude?! If I can be polite and have manners, all the while living with a multitude of chronic illnesses, then why can’t others?!

Clearly I had to get that out of my system! Now on to more positive things! I am off to pack, and get ready for our weekend up North.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Xoxo Lex


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