Ready for my next big adventure!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Over the last few months during my job search, I have really been doing some soul searching, and I’ve come to the realization that HR and the Corporate world really aren’t right for me, partly because of my disability and partly because I just don’t LOVE it. I look at my brothers who both love what they do, and I want to feel that too. I want to feel a passion for what I do for a living, so that it doesn’t feel like I’m actually working (most days). I also want to encorporate my love of helping others into my career. Over the years I have hemmed and hawed about going back to school to become a teacher, a psychologist, a social worker, a career where I’m really making a difference in this world.

Well, since changing my diet and noticing a huge improvement in my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms, I’ve really come to appreciate holistic treatments for the body. I have done quite a bit of research on holistic nutrition, supplements, yoga, meditation, and the list goes on, and I really have begun to see the connection between mind, body and spirit. I have come to realize that nutrition and health are completely related, and healthy eating is extremely important. Like a finely tuned racing car, your body needs the right fuel (food) and regular maintenance (exercise, lifestyle, and mental attitude) to achieve its true health potential. NOTHING is more important than healthy eating! Maintaining a balanced diet by healthy eating can give you vitality and energy for life, help you stay at a weight that’s right for you, boost your immune system, improve sports performance, delay the effects of aging, keep you fit and active into old age, help beat tiredness and fatigue, protect teeth and gums, enhance your ability to concentrate and possibly alter your mood. Not to mention, ward off serious illnesses like health disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and help others like myself keep their chronic illness at bay.

I truly believe that everyone, including medical doctors, need to start looking at the body and mind holistically, and start getting to the root of the issue, instead of covering up the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs and treatments. Our bodies are capable of fighting off chronic illness and disease, and staying healthy, as long as we treat it properly, and don’t create a toxic environment.

So, enter holistic nutrition. I have taken the plunge and just recently registered to go back to school to become a nutritionist.

What is a nutritionist you say? A R.H.N. Registered Holistic Nutritionist, (or, R.H.N. Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant in the Atlantic Provinces) (or, R.H.N. Holistic Nutritionist or R.H.N. Holistic Nutritional Consultant in Alberta) is a professional trained in natural nutrition and complementary therapies, whose principal function is to educate individuals and groups about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition. Mainstream medicine does not emphasize the significance of poor nutrition as a major cause of a wide range of health disorders. Although most people are aware of the benefits of sound nutrition, the range of conflicting information available to the consumer is often confusing. Holistic nutritionists guide their clients through the maze of information from books, magazines, supplements and diets on the market. They work with clients to identify and help correct the nutritional causes of diseases, and they are qualified to design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimize health.

I’m looking forward to learning everything I can at school so that I can then use this crucial knowledge and skills, and the eventual title of “Registered Holistic Nutritionist” to educate and help others like myself, live to their fullest potential. I want to help others by healing from the inside out, rather than the outside in. I have a passion for helping others, and truly believe I can make a difference in the lives of others. I am SO excited to embark on this new life adventure, and start making a positive change in the lives of others!
I haven’t been to school since I graduated from McMaster University in 2007 with my Honours BA, so I am a tad bit nervous about this change, however, the excitement will hopefully overshadow the nerves! It’s very weird that I’ll be a full time student again – how odd! Not only will I not be working full time, which is what I’ve become accustomed to over the last several years, but I will be completely broke, ha! This will ALL be worth it in the end 🙂

I will be posting updates about my new adventure as I go along, so feel free to follow along and perhaps send some positive vibes my way, as this will be an intense 12 months of schooling!

If any of you have gone back to school after being in the workforce for a while, whether it was for nutrition or something completely different, I would love to hear some tips from you! I may need all the help I can get, even though I have always been a conscientous student! Let me know if you have tips or tricks or suggestions 🙂

Xoxo Lex


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