Turkey, family, and Porsches 


Happy thanksgiving everyone! We spent the day at my parent’s in Oakville yesterday with my mom, dad, my brother Joel, my sister-in-law Jackie, and my nephew Grayson. It was also my dad’s birthday yesterday, so we did a 2 in 1 with the turkey dinner / bday cupcakes! My dad has always dreamt of getting a porsche, so Joel finally somewhat fulfilled that dream and got him a porsche for a day yesterday – it was amazing!! We hung out and had lunch together, then the boys napped, I voted early in our federal election, then we all hung out and had a fantastic turkey dinner (my dad’s gravy is to DIE for, and Bart was finally able to try it last night!), had some cupcakes for dessert, then once Joel and Jackie took G home to bed, Bart and I hung out with my parents and chatted for a bit. It was a great, relaxing day, and the only way it could have been better is if our older brother, Chris and his fiance, Nami, who live in Singapore could have been there too! We miss you two!

Today I spent the morning unpacking and organizing a few boxes, perused the bookstore for some nutrition and business related books on our supplemental reading list, walked around homesense, then came home once my back pain said to me “this is enough Alexis!”

We are making this bacon-wrapped salmon recipe for dinner tonight – a friend of my dad’s who also suffers from VERY severe chronic pain, sent me this recipe a few months ago, and it is AMAZING! We are now making it a second time, and this will be added to our “favourite recipe index”. Bart is a Patriot’s fan, and is watching the game now until it’s over at 7:30, then we’ll be watching the 3rd Toronto Blue Jays game, so I have to get this dinner timed and ready exactly for 730 so that we can eat before the game starts haha!


Here are a few pics from yesterday 🙂

 Enjoy the rest of your long weekend my fellow Canadians – I know I have A LOT to be thankful for 🙂

Xoxo Lex


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