Making my treatment plan my own

So it’s been about 3 weeks since beginning to follow the cleanse / detox diet my naturopath had me start. Although I was feeling better, unfortunately, last week I began to feel like it was much too restrictive for me, and the two smoothies I was to make and have every day A. tasted disgusting, B. took too long to prepare and C. I just couldn’t see myself continuing to gag them down. The herbs, supplements and progesterone cream are definitely helping, so I will continue taking those, however, I have decided to change my diet back to what I was originally following through Dr. Amy Myers, and also add in a couple suggestions from my naturopath. When changing your diet, you have to make sure it is going to work for you for the long run, or you will just end up going back to your old ways, which is exactly what happened to me over the weekend – I got fed up, and went straight back to sugar. Not good! So as of today, I am back on my diet which is a bit of my doctor’s and a bit of Amy Myers, plus my own. I’m not sure if my doctor took into account the fact that I live with such extreme chronic pain and fatigue when providing me with this diet, because I found although the diet helped with these, prepping and shopping for everything made the fatigue come right now! Not good!

I also think she was trying to attack too many things at one – one or two things at a time, not 5! From what I have learned over the years, and in my course, is that we should be attacking and getting rid of the systemic candida first, then building my digestive system back up, and also treating my hormonal issues. All of this will eventually fix many of my fibromyalgia symptoms and hopefully also clear up the adrenal fatigue (which creates a lot of the fibro symptoms). Because of the amount of knowledge I do have, I have a hard time trusting any medical professionals, but I am still keeping my trust open for this doctor, as I know she knows what she’s doing, we just need to make some tweaks together.

I see my doctor next week to discuss my bloodwork and food intolerance test results, at which point she and I can also discuss what to do moving forward so that the new lifestyle works for me, but also gets rid of my symptoms 🙂

On a more positive note – we put up a few Xmas decorations this weekend! We’ll be getting a tree soon to decorate – can’t wait! We also bought a couple gingerbread houses to build and decorate. I plan on making my mom’s shortbread and gingerbread cookie recipes once December comes.

Well, I better get back to studying – another test on Thursday – cannot wait until Christmas break on December 18!

Chat with you guys soon!

Xoxo Lex


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