Ignorance is bliss


Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American friends – hope you are all enjoying your time with family and friends…and possibly scored some amazing Black Friday deals for Xmas gifts! I was able to grab a couple gifts at a small mall that is never crowded – I can barely survive shopping, let alone Black Friday at a big mall shopping!


This post is going to be about a frustration that has been on my mind for the last few weeks. We are beginning to complete our 14 case studies in class – we find 14 friends and family members that would like to have their health assessed by me (a holistic nutritionist student), where I take a look at mind, body AND soul. In order to learn this process, we are practicing on “fake” people in class (past students’ case studies), which has been going well, except for one minor detail – when we take a look at someone who appears to be pretty sick, MANY people in my class make ghastly comments about how sick they are, and questioning how these people could possibly be walking around living with such illness in their bodies. Well, I’m sure you can imagine the first thing that wants to pop out of my mind when I hear these comments – I AM SICKER THAN MOST OF THESE CLIENTS, AND I APPEAR TO BE COMPLETELY HEALTHY, the true definition of an invisible illness. I know these classmates aren’t sick, nor have they been through the medical system like I have, or lived with the pain, frustrations, anger, sorrow, sadness, and the list goes on, but I STILL get frustrated! At times I wish I was in class with fellow sufferers so we could just look at each other, nod our heads in understanding, and move on.


Because I have been living with these chronic illnesses for over 20 years, I have met MANY others with similar illnesses, and others living with completely different illnesses, but one thing we all have in common is the fact that WE DON’T LOOK SICK! IF ONLY I could get some of these students to do a case study on me, they would see what true sickness looks like, and that this takes YEARS, sometimes an entire LIFETIME to treat, and most of the time, people die without ever feeling better. THESE are the clients I WANT TO FOCUS ON when I graduate. Yes, I am happy to help those with weight issues, those wanting help with their diet, those wanting recipe suggestions, and the list goes on, however, I truly want to help those who have had NO LUCK with our western healthcare system, and are coming to me as their last ditch effort. I WANT to help those like myself, I WANT to make a difference in their lives, I WANT to help them feel better. But first, before I can do that, I need to heal myself holistically, through mind, body AND soul. I am working on all three, and I imagine I will be working on this for the rest of my life, but I’m ready for that challenge.


Going forward, in order to “listen to” these naive, ignorant comments in class (and there are A LOT, EVERY DAY) I will put up my shield, and try to block them out completely, put my mind into a complete zen state.


I’m sure MANY of my fellow chronic illness sufferers can understand where I’m coming from here. This post is for you – I UNDERSTAND and I am here to listen and help ANYTIME!

The up side is, I have met three friends in class who are INCREDIBLY understanding, and the most loving, kind, compassionate women I could go to school with, and I VERY thankful for these three! I will focus my positive energy on them, and block out the rest of the negativity!

I am now off to bed – sending positive vibes your way and mine 🙂

*hugs* Lex



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