We are warriors. 

It’s been a rough couple weeks on my body – the excruciating pain and fatigue came on out of nowhere (which fits the trend of this lovely illness), but I am fighting through it. Each morning I wake up feeling like a less sizeable truck has just run me over, and hopefully that will continue until I’m feeling back to my “normal” unflared body. I have just finished my meal prep for breakfast, lunch and snacks tomorrow, and have made my back pain worse by doing so, so I am now on the couch with a cup of gingerbread tea (mmmm) and a PVR copy of last week’s “Saving Hope” (woo to Canadian TV / actors). 

My parents, brother and nephew are off to Florida tomorrow for a vacation and I so wish I had ditched this week of school and accompanied them – I am feeling overwhelmed and in need of a vacation! Luckily I’m off for 2 weeks starting next Friday! 

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season! I’m hoping to bake some delicious cookie recipes of my mom’s / grandmother’s once I’m all done next week! I particularly enjoy the decorating part – it’s quite cathartic!

I am presenting tomorrow for my “Mind, Body, Spirit” class on the 3rd chakra, or the Solar Plexus Chakra. I am loving this course. If you’re looking for interesting information on our energy, Google the 7 chakras – very cool!

I’m off to finish relaxing before doing last minute prep for tomorrow and a movie night with my man to watch one of my all time favourite movies, Serendipity! 

Night all!

Xoxo Lex


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