Following your heart’s desire


I don’t know how many of you are spiritual or believe in the “other side” or signs / symbolism, but I am and I do (this is a more recent thing, maybe over the last few years). Well, yesterday I took our flat coat retriever, Sully, for a walk in the snow to a trail about 15 min from our house. When we got up to the top of the trail, there were about 100 Canada Geese just standing together on a baseball diamond, just doing their thing, relaxing, yet nowhere near water, which is where they normally are. I was in complete awe, and I could tell that Sully just wanted to jump the fence and run after all of them. I stood there for a couple of minutes and thought by then they would have left, but they did, so I began to take out my phone to snap a pic, but unfortunately, the MINUTE I did that they all got up and flew away squacking away. They formed their “V” formation, and flew in a circle around me, it was the oddest, yet most amazing thing. When we got home an hour later, I googled the spiritual meaning of seeing Canada Geese, and this is what came up in the search results:

Goose shows you the way to your heart’s desire

The magical powers of the goose spirit animal show us gooses ability to lead you to your hearts desire, or your treasure. If the goose is communicating with you, and showing up for you, it is because you are finding, or nearing, your purpose in life, that which gives you bliss. The goose will gather other geese to him the more you listen to your heart, and the message will become stronger. The more geese in the flock, the higher and faster the flock can fly, and nearer to your treasure and hearts desire you become. Keep your mind and your eye on your Golden Egg, for in time, when the time is right, and if you have been climbing the beanstalk it will surely come to be.


This was so fascinating for me, because ever since I stopped working in HR after 8 years, and began studying holistic nutrition, I have felt that I am getting closer and closer to my heart’s desire, and my purpose in life. I have always wanted to “help” others, but just didn’t know how, but now that I will soon be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I will have the ability to help others heal from chronic disease. I am SO passionate and interested in holistic health and holistic medicine now, it is ALL I ever think and talk about, to the point where I know I am driving people in my life crazy, and need to start shutting up!

After today’s class, I came home and did some research on Functional Medicine, and I think I may want to get certified in functional medicine once I am done this program and become an RHN. I love my program, but I am looking for more, and I think functional medicine is that “more” I’m looking for. I cannot contain my excitement!!

It’s times like these that help me get up in the morning, and go on with my day, despite how I’m feeling. This morning I had class to wake up for, but as usual had a really difficult time waking up, and then getting out of bed. I tossed an turned all night, like most nights, and when my alarm went off I hit snooze a few times until I began to cut it too close. Then I laid in bed for another 20 minutes or so thinking about how much pain my body was in, and how fatigued I was to even be able to get out of bed. It is like dragging a 1000 pound body around all day – not fun. But I got up, did my hair nicely, put a bit of makeup on (which I rarely do because I don’t have the energy) to cover up how crappy I was feeling, and went on my way. I am now laying on the couch with a heating pad around my neck due to severe neck pain I’ve had for a month – luckily I see my pain specialist tomorrow for my lidocaine injections, so hopefully she can numb the pain a bit. I may also book a chiropractic adjustment and a massage, now that I am on Bart’s medical plan – yay!! Hopefully she can relieve a bit of the pain enough for me to focus on studying – I have an exam on Friday that I haven’t had a chance to study for yet because I just can’t sit still long enough to do so.

Here’s a pic of me at the moment (I was like this yesterday too lol) – I am mostly a pro at covering up how much pain I actually am in, as you can see from this pic. I can barely move my neck from left to right, or up and down. What a pain in the neck, literally!


xoxo Lex



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