The sun is shining again!


Well, I am feeling SO much better today! Must have needed to de-stress hard! We went over to our friend’s place in Etobicoke last night and played a board game and had a bit of wine and chatted, it was JUST what the doctor ordered! I haven’t seen Beth in what seems like FOREVER, so it was amazing to spend time with Beth and her boyfriend Jon. The socializing and wine definitely did the trick!

I had a pretty good sleep last night even though I only slept for 8 hours (which is normally very little for me), and woke up feeling pretty refreshed! I let Bart sleep in while I played with Sully and FaceTimed with my brother Chris, and his fiancee Nami in Singapore. It’s always so great to chat with them – he updated me on their wedding planning, gave us suggestions on where to stay when we’re in Tokyo for a few days before we meet them, and we chatted about our wedding, and he also had a few health / nutrition related questions.

I am now laying on the couch with a cozy blanket, a heating pad against my back, and a cup of peppermint tea while I read and study for my next exam, which is next Friday.

It’s amazing what a little sleep, rest, socializing and relaxing will do for you! I am feeling 110% better now! Like my tagline says, “The ups and down of living with chronic disease” is pretty accurate lol.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend 🙂

xoxo Lex



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