What a pain in the neck!

img_1690A couple weeks before Christmas I started to get a nagging, tight, painful feeling in my neck, which before that I hadn’t noticed since I was in my law suit. I kind of shrugged it off and thought it was normal, and it would go away with time and with injections at the doctor. Well, I had MANY injections in my neck last week and they did ABSOLUTELY nothing for my pain. I haven’t been able to concentrate well in class, sitting at the table, sitting at my desk, sitting on the couch, studying, doing homework, you name it. It got so bad yesterday I broke down in tears because I couldn’t take it anymore. I went out and bought 3 different heating pads that are supposed to concentrate on your neck – they were useless and are all going back. I also bought a massager that did absolutely nothing, so that’s going back too. Today, I tried to concentrate on studying but just couldn’t because the pain was just burning and nagging at me. After taking our pup to the park and eating lunch, I went out and found a massaging pillow made my Homedics and after trying it out on both my neck and my back, it seems to be helping – HALLELUJAH! I also bought a blow up neck comforter traction type thing, and at first I thought it helped, but I’m not so sure. I will test it out a bit longer before I decide whether it goes back as well. 1 out of 5 aint bad I guess.


The lengths you go when you’re in such brutal pain that it takes over your life. I know now that sitting at my laptop, taking notes in class, studying for exams, reading my textbooks, and working on the 14 case studies is what’s doing it. It is frustrating me so much that I don’t even have the desire to sit through the pain to work on schoolwork, so I really hope my schooling doesn’t suffer too long because of it.

I see my pain specialist again on Wednesday for some more injections. Unfortunately I can’t get in to see my chiropractor for a neck adjustment because she only works Tuesdays and Thursdays downtown Toronto and I’m in school those days and can’t get downtown. Same goes for my masseuse, so I may have to find a new one of both. A friend of mine from school also suggested acupuncture by a chinese medicine doctor, and I think I might try it. The last time I tried acupuncture was in my back and hips, but the needles got stuck because my muscles are always so tight. So we shall see if the same thing happens, or if I can find some sort of relief.

I’ve been trying to do my neck stretches several times a day, which isn’t helping, nor is heat or ice. Gah!

Any other suggestions out there from anyone who experiences awful neck pain? I really am at a loss at this point…

I am off to my night class which starts at 630 – we’re learning about complex meal plans – should be interesting, and I’m HOPING I learn something I haven’t read or heard on my own before. Did I mention how much I loathe night classes? Throws off my entire week! I won’t get home until at least 10PM, and will then need to prepare my lunch and snacks for tomorrow’s class, and get settled in to bed. I am not good with change – can you tell? LOL.

The good news today? 99% of our wedding invites went out into the mail, woop! Only 18 months to go! lol.


Hope you guys had a better start to your Monday / week!

xoxo Lex






2 thoughts on “What a pain in the neck!

  1. Hi Alexis! The invites look lovely. And you are way ahead of the game there!
    I don’t know if you saw my last post on day-to-day ergonomics, but I think that might be helpful for you while you’re trying to get through all that studying in your textbooks and on the computer. Feel free to send me a picture of you studying for more personalized tips. Also, the biggest trick in managing chronic pain is to take a break to do pain management the minute you feel any slight discomfort. If you wait until the pain is unbearable, you’ll spend the rest of the day trying to chase the pain away, which never ends well. So if the massaging Homedics pillow helps you, you want to use it the minute you feel any slight discomfort during any activity.

    Have you tried using a Theracane for your trigger points? I would use that before you feel any major pain as well, maybe every night before bed. Those trigger points take a long time to release since they’re so deep, so it’ll be a massage-it-every-night routine over the course of several months to get them out.

    Side note: The traction contraption (hehe) is pretty cool! My patients tend to like traction as it brings some space in between the crunched up vertebrae, but I do it by sitting at their head, slipping a pillowcase at the base of the skull, and gently pulling. Can you try using the traction pillow while laying down instead of standing up? And maybe try using it after you’ve used the massaging pillow. The massaging pillow can release some of the muscle tension first, and then the traction pillow can work a little better with the muscles relaxed. Good luck!


  2. So exciting that your wedding invitations have been sent!
    Sorry to hear about the excruciating pain you are in…and I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions for you. I’m no help at all! But I do hope you feel better. Sending you my best wishes.


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