Chronic pain + firm supportive furniture = a must have combination

As some of you know, Bart and I moved from Toronto to Mississauga in October. We were living in his small condo and moved into a house, so we were in need of a couch that was a bit bigger and roomier for both of us, and the bigger space. I have had amazing luck in the past at Urban Barn – bought a couch, ottoman, dining table, dining stools, and a bunch of home accessories from there. Everything in the past has been durable, comfortable, supportive, well made, the list goes on. So, we went back there in September to pick out a new sectional couch. We settled on a style and picked the fabric, and a mere 10 weeks later the couch arrived (laughs).


Shortly after the couch arrived, I began experiencing some pretty bad pain in my neck, but I just assumed this had to do with sitting at my computer for school, taking notes in class, and reading my textbooks. I didn’t think anything of it since new pains are the name of the game with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. As the weeks went on, the pain got worse and worse, to the point where I had to have my doctor inject extra shots all over my neck (an extra 10 or so on top of the 12 she usually does there). Even with the injections, heating pads, stretches, etc. the pain would not subside. I went out and bought a few different neck heating pads to try out instead of the one I use for my back, but they were no use. As you may recall from a recent post, I also bought a neck support brace, as well as a massager. You can imagine how much money I spent on all of these – luckily they can be returned! I tried putting a bunch of pillows behind me for support, sitting on different areas of the couch, laying down, half laying down, you name it, I could not get comfortable or pain free. It was SO frustrating to the point where one day I might have yelled at the couch, yes, I did that lol.

About a week ago, after visiting at my parents, and sitting on their couch in the living room and their other one in the family room, I had no issues with my neck at all. I came home, sat on our couch, and the pain returned. An “AHA” moment! So it was our NEW COUCH!! Uh oh!!! I broke the news to Bart, who took it very well, and we began to discuss what to do about it – do we post it on kijiji and take a loss then buy a new one, do we keep it and put it in the basement, do I buy a chair for myself and we keep this couch for Bart?

Then when I was visiting my mom yesterday, I told her the story, and she basically said that an expensive couch should not cause issues like that, and I should give Urban Barn a call to see if they could do anything for me. So I called them yesterday afternoon, explained my situation, and sent her pictures of the brand new couch. Not even 24 hours later she called AND emailed me back to say that the manufacturer has advised me to go to the store in Burlington where we bought it, and pick out a different couch that had a higher back, thicker and more supportive cushions. WOW, what kind of customer service is that?! Amazing, that’s what it is! What other store would do that for you?! I will be tweeting about this experience, that’s for sure. I am incredibly impressed. I went online tonight to check out their other sectionals and couches, and have found a couple with high backs, so I’ll head to the store tomorrow to try them out. It looks like they have a similar style to one I bought before, which was SUPER comfortable, so the safest bet may be to buy that sectional.

Because I have never experienced this issue before with my furniture or my parents, I never thought to check these details before buying a new couch. You live and learn right? Yet another thing we need to think about when living with chronic pain – couches! We must ensure we have a comfortable and supportive chair when sitting at a desk, comfortable chairs at the dinner table, and a supportive and firm couch to sit on to ease the pain as much as possible.

Needless to say, we are both relieved we won’t be losing any money on this purchase, and we come out winners. Yay!! Great job Urban Barn!!! Wish me luck on my shopping adventure tomorrow!

As a side note – I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend up at a friend’s “cottage” in the Muskoka’s with 6 other girls – it was a great weekend! Wine, snuggling by the fire, board games, girl talk, amazing views, what more can a girl ask for. Makes me wish my parents had never sold their cottage – I miss that life! Check out how gorgeous her family’s place it!


But, it was back to reality, and now I’m working on one of my 14 case studies for class. My current kitchen table, and my office looks like this lol.


Xoxo Lex


2 thoughts on “Chronic pain + firm supportive furniture = a must have combination

  1. What a bummer to hear that the couch is part of the problem. BUT! 1. Way to go on figuring it out! and 2. It is always so nice to hear about kickass customer service.

    Hope your next couch doesn’t take as long to come in.


    • Thanks Suz!! We are very impressed and I’m thankful for my mom for suggesting that to me. I just assumed that since it was custom it could never be returned! Luckily we’ll be able to keep this one until the new one comes in, uncomfortable and all, at least it’s something to sit on in the meantime lol.


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