Feeling “relatively” normal today!

Happy Monday all!

My family is impatiently awaiting the arrival of my brother and sister-in-law’s new baby! She was due on February 18, so she is now 4 days over…hopefully I’ll be an aunt for the 2nd time SOON!!! Can’t wait to snuggle with TWO little kiddies!

Yesterday I went to my parent’s, dropped off Sully (my mom took care of him for the day), and I headed over to my brother’s for a visit. Joel was napping for a bit with G, so I stopped in at my favourite store, Indigo Books, to do a bit of perusing! Found a pillow I would love to have, and a couple books to read for my business I plan on starting over the next few months!




Here’s a couple photos from my visit with Joel, Jackie and Grayson yesterday – my nephew gets cuter and cuter as time passes (if that’s even possible!)






Today I woke up around 8 am (at my parent’s house) after having a lovely sleep in a king bed ALL BY MYSELF! Was nice sleeping a night without someone rolling into me all night or snoring, both of which Bart does practically every night. I showered, had my coffee, then a tiny breakfast (apple) and headed out for groceries. Sully and I came home, I did 3 huge loads of laundry, prepared dinner, took Sully to the park, organized my notes for class, then walked over with him to the grocery store for the second time. Even after all of that, I still had energy, and wasn’t experiencing too much pain. This is NOT a usual day for me AT ALL! Normally after a shower I’d be wiped for hours! It felt AMAZING to be able to prepare dinner and not have to lay down and take a break before cooking it. It’s now 730 as I write this post, and I still have energy left – how amazing! I just hope I didn’t OVERDO it, and suffer tomorrow – we shall see. These days only come once in a blue moon, so I enjoyed it!!

We are now settling in for the night, ready to watch a new episode of the Bachelor (I know, complete trash TV, but I love turning my brain off for this one!) then it’s back to school tomorrow for some more intense bio-chemistry.

Hopefully the next time I post, I will be able to share some photos of my new niece or nephew!

xoxo Lex


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