Mila Grace, how I love thee


Mila Grace, auntie loves you, past the moon and the stars, the planets and the sun, wrapped around everything, times twenty million bajillion, times infinity! That’s how much I love you.

I am VERY proud to announce that my new niece, Mila Grace, was born on February 22. Yes, 2.22 – a pisces / aquarius cusp – I have a feeling she will be QUITE the spiritual, intuitive little one. Her middle name is after my mom’s mom (my grandma), who passed 13 years ago. I’m sure my grandma is looking down guarding and protecting her.

I had a chance to meet and hold her for the first time yesterday, and as soon as her eyes locked with mine, time stood still. She is the most gorgeous baby girl – I am in utter awe and so in love with her.

This little girl is going to bring SO much joy into her family’s life and they to hers. I am so excited to be an aunt to both a nephew AND a niece now – how can one get so lucky?! I have so much love to give these two little kids, I can’t wait to spoil her as much as I have tried to with Grayson, her two year old brother. What a perfect addition to the family.

Little girl,

Do you know how powerful you are? You are like a mini super-hero just waiting to reveal your true identity to the world.

You are capable of greatness! You have a mission in this world and you have full control over your own destiny. Your life is full of infinite choices but that’s just what they are, it’s up to you to create your outcome.

Do not let your life be about circumstance. Be strong. Be bold. Be fierce.

Grab a hold of your courage, and don’t ever let it go. And don’t ever worry about being called a b*tch or a diva. The one’s that call you that have their own story to tell and those words have nothing to do with you anyway.

You are valuable. Don’t ever settle for anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

Be gutsy and don’t be afraid to take risks. That’s how you will find the greatest reward.

Step into your fears but don’t be reckless about it. Life is too short not to respect both of those,and that’s how you will truly find yourself.

Learn to hear your intuition and trust yourself. You know better than you think you do.

This is your life and you owe it to yourself to live it for you and not for anyone else. Don’t ever think that makes you selfish.

Passion, purpose and values are just as important as loyalty, hard work and commitment.

Always be excited about something no matter what it is. Don’t let anyone tell you your passions are ridiculous or funny. They are yours. Dream big.

Sadness, anger and frustration are just as valid as feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude. You can let your emotions show and still be powerful. 

Your family loves you, no matter what. Life may not always be flawless but you are loved and you are safe.

You don’t ever need to fake perfection because you are perfection. You are perfect and whole and complete.

You have everything you need to live an incredible life. So get out there, give it all you’ve got, grab a hold and don’t ever let go.

You are powerful. You are gifted. You are a leader. Share it with the world.

In pure admiration,

someone who loves you and believes in all that you can be

xo auntie Lex



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