Oh sleep, where did you go?!

fibrowaking up hurt

Anyone living with a chronic illness (or even a healthy person) understands the importance of sleep! Sleep helps my body fight the endless pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, brain fog, etc. etc. etc. Well, last night felt like a nightmare – complete with tossing and turning, I don’t think I actually fell asleep until 5 am, and had to get up at 730 for my last exam in class before March break. The first thing I said to Bart was, “I didn’t sleep, I feel like shit, I’m in SO much pain, I can’t move or get out of bed” – good times over here!

I DRAGGED my body out of bed, went down to make a coffee, crammed quickly for my exam, let the dog out, got dressed, brushed my teeth, threw my hair up and went to school. Writing the exam was HORRENDOUS – my body was in so much pain I just couldn’t focus, and when our teacher did a review of the material afterwards, I counted MANY QUESTIONS I got wrong, but you know what, I’m not letting that stress me out. I currently have a 95% average, and I shouldn’t worry about this lower mark, especially since it was cell biology, a subject I’m not particularly fond of. I had a hard time studying for the exam because of the severe neck and head pain I’ve been experiencing, so that didn’t help either!

Instead of staying for the lecture after the test, I went straight home to lay on the couch. I’m starving, and thirsty, but barely have the energy to move, so I’m going to stay here until I will myself to the kitchen! I’m hoping this flare leaves my body quickly so I can enjoy some of my March break.

Luckily I’m used to this, and know what to do when this happens. Just rest, let my body get over it, then move on. Cross my fingers I sleep tonight.

xoxo Lex




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