Found a holistic dentist!


Wow, how on earth is it already MAY?! Time is FLYING by, yet at the same time, school seems to be DRAGGING lol. Here’s an update from the last few weeks:

Now that I finally have benefits again (I’m under Bart’s extended health and dental plan) I found a holistic dentist, and had my first trip to the dentist in 2 years. What was the result? Oh you know, 6 cavities between my teeth because I’m too fatigued to brush my teeth let alone floss (but I do brush!), 3 bonds fixed on my front teeth that chipped, a cleaning, X-rays, an exam, and a night guard because I grind my teeth like MAD.

Well, we all know seeing the dentist is NOT cheap! My exam and Xray was $195, then a week later I had 3 bonds done for over $900, and next week I am having my cleaning for close to $300 (what the?!) and being fitted for my $400 mouth guard. Our plan covers 80% up to $1500 per year, SO, my 6 cavities at over $200 a piece will have to wait until the summer, which is fine by me since it has been 2 years of living with them. Although we have the coverage, paying $300 out of pocket still blows when you have zero income and are living on a SUPER TIGHT student budget. The money worries are slowly but surely mounting exponentially as I approach the end of my school year, having to find a job, and my savings account dwindling.

The good news? Hopefully I can now prevent cavities from appearing because my dentist suggested I oil pull with coconut oil to remove the bacteria (and it whitens your teeth!) and she also suggested I buy a water pick to use between my teeth instead of flossing. Since she is a holistic dentist, she completely understands her patient’s issues living with chronic illnesses, and seeks to find ways around our daily roadblocks. The other good news? The bonding she did to my teeth last week looks amazing! She’s worried about me ruining them in my sleep by grinding, so I need to get that mouthguard ASAP!

I first had to have 2 teeth bonded at 12 years old because one grew in as a peg tooth, and the other grew in crooked. I have had them fixed twice since then, and I just recently chipped them both within the last 2 years. I’m waiting for the day when I can afford super pricey veneers!

Here is my “FitBit’ recording while sitting in the dentist chair for 2 hours with my mouth permanently propped open – apparently it thought I was asleep! I knew I was a decent patient, but not this good! LOL.



Check out my before and after – excuse the awful photography skills!




Bart and I had brunch with my niece, nephew, brother and sister in law on his birthday a couple weeks ago, and these are the shots I took of them 🙂 Grayson is growing like a weed and talking our ears off – super cute! Mila is now smiling and still seems to be a chill baby! Gotta love these kids!!



I just wrote a VERY tough sports nutrition exam this morning, and have been relaxing since I got home. I have been stressed to the max lately, and am looking forward to my classes ending in July – can’t come quicker! August I write my final exam and then once I pass I will OFFICIALLY be a Registered Nutritionist – woot!!!

Just wanted to post a quick update for you all 🙂 I am off to attempt to make fish tacos for dinner since I finally have the time to make a meal!

xoxo Lex


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