Making room for the pain


Today was one of those days. Woke up in agony. Sat in class in agony. Went home in agony. Took Sully to the park to try and stretch my body out a bit before I had to come home and do some studying. Feeling a tiny bit better now after the moving and stretching. What caused the extra pain today? Oh you know – just unloading and loading the dishwasher yesterday and leaning over the counter to make green juice for school today. Nuts right? That TINY amount of “work” did a number on my body. What gives!!! When I’m having an extra rough pain day, my positivity kinda fades and I get annoyed much easier, so I kind of had to hold my breath as best as I could in class today when I heard “crap” being said that I normally wouldn’t think twice about on a regular day lol. Oh well. It’s the life of fibro! Now I’m relaxing on the couch with the pup at my feet 🙂

Tomorrow is a doctor appointment day and studying for an exam – at least the pain injections are coming at the perfect time, ha!

xoxo Lex


One thought on “Making room for the pain

  1. I remember one time I carried a full crock pot down a hallway and was in awful pain for a week! It felt fine at the time, but not afterwards!! I thought it was ridiculous, but yet, that’s reality with this disease. I hope you feel better soon!


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