I need a “vein finder device”

It has been SO long since I last posted, almost a month. I apologize, I have had so much going on since class ended in June. My older brother was home for 2-3 weeks to visit (from Singapore), that was an awesome time, then we packed up our rental house, got everything organized with the help of our families, and then we moved. You all know how FUN moves are! Well this one wasn’t THAT painful compared to how they can be!


My family, minus Jackie, Bart and Nami

We are SLOWLY getting there. We have had a plumber, a brick guy, and a gutter guy here to work on the house (all connections from my brother, which is AMAZING), my mom has been over to help fix up the garden, Bart’s dad helped build part of Sully’s run (where he goes to the washroom), Bart is designing the backyard oasis to do next summer (which will include my veg and fruit garden!) and I’m working on getting things decorated and organized on the inside. Today I was trying to find curtains for the family room, so I took a bunch home with me, and we’ll see if any of them go with the paint colour and our furniture. It’s a struggle! I might put the decorating stuff aside until I write my final exam next Friday, and do my oral presentation the following Tuesday.


Welcome to our new home! We have ONE picture up so far lol


A housewarming gift from my close friend, her boyfriend, and her 2 girls. Love it! Joel and Jackie got us this AWESOME painting to go up on the wall in our family room. I’ll post once we have it in hand!


Start each day with my coffee (still can’t cut it out), then my smoothie, then lemon water)


Our new blender! It makes the BEST smoothies!


My office is SLOWLY getting organized and decorated


My desk / office is already a disaster while I study and finish my 14 case studies! Exam next Friday!


Look at my niece and nephew! Cute cuddle monsters

I wanted to chat more about this IV therapy I have been getting for almost 2 months now. The IV therapy and injections are definitely making my chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and PMS easier to bear, but I am running into a problem unfortunately. As you all know, I fainted on my 3rd IV, and had to come back the week after to get it done, which was successful (sort of), and today I went in for my 4th treatment. I came armed with lidocaine cream on my arm so that I wouldn’t feel the needle going in, I had eaten beforehand, drank water, did push ups to get my blood flowing, meditated, everything my doctor suggested, but it still didn’t go well. She was having trouble finding my tiny veins, and on the first prick, she missed, I bled quite a bit, and bruised a fair amount. Right after that, I felt like I was going to faint and vomit, so she gave me a cup to throw up in, put an ice pack on my neck, gave me juice and water, but I still felt faint. Once I started to feel better, I let her try again, and she missed my vein, I felt faint again and told her no more.

After that, we had a chat about the fact that the anxiety is just built into my body, and no matter what I do to prepare myself, I’m automatically going to be anxious. So this sounds like it’s coming from my central nervous system, a fight or flight response. Not good to hear there is nothing I can do about that. I was VERY frustrated because I had planned my day around this appointment, not to mention I was hoping to get my medicine in me because it is one of the FEW things that help! I went home and wanted to cry. This situation drives me insane. The only people who can sympathize are those who also have small veins, and come across the same situation. To those with big veins with no needle issues, they are so confused by this situation.

I’m pretty frustrated because having to come back for another appointment tomorrow means I won’t be able to sleep in, I’m now missing my lunch date I had with a gf, and I have yet another day where a doctor’s appointment is taking up my day and I can’t devote the entire day to studying. I’m also annoyed because if a doctor can’t get my vein on the first try, I don’t think they should try again, because it just causes me even more anxiety sitting there, and also, for the next time. My doctor calls it a form of PTSD, and if that’s the case, then prodding me is making it worse! I know she means well and she really wants to help, but it’s just aggravating!

A friend of mine suggested I see my medical doc to get a prescription for an anti-anxiety to take right beforehand to calm my nerves (literally), and also, to bring Bart in with me next time to distract and calm me down, and lastly, another friend suggested I get the device that you hold over you arm that shows you exactly where the veins are before poking. I am going to make an appointment with my doc to see about that prescription, I will chat with Bart about bringing him in (I’m sure he’d be fine with it as long as it’s on a weekend), and lastly, I will chat with my doc tomorrow about her potentially looking for a “vein finder device”. My doctor suggested I not use the lidocaine because it’s not helping, it’s making the veins hide even more so, so I’ll be going in without that tomorrow.


No wonder I put off getting IV therapy done for years – I knew this type of thing would happen. Sigh. I am now relaxing on the couch with a tea while I watch the Olympics. Wish me luck for tomorrow morning all. If it doesn’t go well, I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing going forward.

Xoxo Lex



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