This comic strip “nails down” living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is a GREAT comic. It sadly explains what it’s like to live day in and day out with chronic fatigue syndrome. Originally posted by Laura Chamberlain here

Introducing Maddie, a girl with ME, who in this episode, “Energy and Exertion,” is meeting her friend, “Normal” Nancy, for coffee.

comic cropped 1comic cropped 2comic cropped 3comic cropped 4comic cropped 5

I have not had a decent amount of deep sleep in over 2 weeks, and my body is REALLY feeling it. I am starting to panic about my final exam I write on Friday. I am normally quite the conscientious student, but because I haven’t been able to sleep, I am in pain, fatigued, can’t concentrate, can’t memorize anything, I am just a  wreck. Here’s hoping that my 94% average and the information that’s lodged deep in my brain will show itself on Friday morning at 10 am. Chat with you all after that! Wish me luck!

xoxo Lex


4 thoughts on “This comic strip “nails down” living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  1. The only part that is missing in this comic strip is showing how water glasses & dishes start piling up, when you can’t get around to doing housework and maintenance. Not showering & the chaos that happens when you’re missing appointments and losing long friendships, due to having to cancel birthday parties at the last minute…. or being to sick to even call to cancel. All this can happen, just from “going out for a coffee”. The chaos of illness.


    • I 100% understand where you are coming from! I try to do housework when I have the energy, but I think we are going to end up needing a cleaning lady now. I don’t shower daily, unless I absolutely have to. I try to space out my plans with friends, but you’re right, you end up losing some along the way 😦 The ones who understand will stand by your side. xo


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